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Tridipanel (3D panel) building system is unique in providing a fast economical and easy construction method, which offers the builder a premier, finished concrete wall or building that withstands a lot more stress than the regualr building methods.The systerm allows the designer to effectively use the same raw material in both load bearing and non-load bearing applications, straight, curved or angled walls as for single or multi-story buildings.

It is adaptable to all types of structures from affordable housing or upscale homes, motels,condominiums and warehouses as well as schools and strip malls.Very attractive low cost concrete privacy walls can also be constructed with tridipanel.

3D panel building system installationg process

Starter bars are "cast into the slab"

- Bitumen coating
- The panels are erected vertical and plumbed and temporary supported by way of bracing. Rebar is set between the mesh and the polystyrene.The arrangement provides easy wall alignment.

Connection to starter bar.

- Fixing of splice meshes. A  string line is usually run to establish each wall line.The first two uncut panels are placed on-line(Forming a corner) and the adjacent panels are clamped together using a pneumatic fastener tool.Handheld tools is indispensable for connecting  pannels to each other rapidly.Fastening systems and manually wire ties may also be used.

- Door and window openings cut out

Doors and windows openings can be cut both before or after panel erection.In all cases precise measurement and layout is essential.It is important to follow door and window instructions regarding frame tolerances.

We can use a handheld variable speed reciprocating saw with a minimum 8” long metal cutting blade with 20-24 teeth per inch.If electrical power is not available at the job site,panels can be cut using a regular pair of bolt cutters to snip the mesh wires,followed with a hand saw to cut out the polystyrene.

Strips of cover mesh are usually placed diagonally above and below corners and on both sides to prevent corner cracks from developing in the concrete covering.U-shaped mesh is also used to reinforce window openings in same cases.

- Temporary bracing of walls
- Stiffening of walls without 3D slab
- Props and beams
- Shoring
- Plumbing and fixing on the slab
- Upper concrete on 3D slab

Lattice Girders

- Additional reinforced beams
- Prefabricated bottom layer
- Electrical and water pipes
- Shotcreting

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