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About EIFS

EIF Means Exterior Insulation And Finish System, It is composed of Substrate , thermal insulation layer,  protecting coating. The structure is as follows:

What raw materials should we use for EIFS?

1. EPS panels ( density should be 18-22kg/m3, thickness should be 30-90mm, size:1200mm x 600mm, thermal conductivity :0.041w/(m.k)

(The EPS panels should be aging for 42 days before using, this is to avoid the rendering coating crack because of the EPS panel contraction.)

2. Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh : density ≥160g/m2,aperature(center distance) 4 x 4mm.
The overlap width for the fiberglass mesh should be >100mm for left and right direction ,up and down direction should be >80mm.

3. Expansion plastic anchor bolt ¢8 x100mm.

4. Anti-crack mortar
 First Layer: 2-3mm anti-crack mortar, then put alkali-resistand fiberglass mesh. 
 Second layer: after the first layer is dry and hard for the first layer, then we can put the second anti-crack mortar layer(2-3mm).
We suggest use single-component dry polymer adhesive mortar powder. It has good feature of water retention and longer operation time (2hour).It has good adhesive force(1.2Mpa) between the substrate and  EPS insulation panels.After drying, it has a certain flexibility . 

5. Adhesive mortar
( At  least after 24 hours while the adhesive mortar sticks, then can make further step work.)

6. Flexible water-resistant putty 

7. Surface color coating material

What tools shall we use in EIFS?
Electric hammer, Electric drill,  Portable electric mixer,
Portable electric EPS  hot wire cutter,scissors, ruller,plumb,power cable,suspended platform or scaffolding etc.

Attention points for EIFS

1.Adhesive mortar

The adhesive mortar coating area to the EPS panels should be more than 40%, like the adhesive mortar strip as follow picture:

The width of the adhesive mortar strip is approx 8-10,thickness is 8-10, the distance between the strip center is 20-40.

After 24 hours, than can make further step work.

The EPS layout should be as follows:

2. Expansion Plastic anchor bolt

The qty for the Expansion plastic anchor bolt used in the EIFS should be as follows:

1) 1-7 floor :should be 4pcs/m2 .
2) 8-18 floor: approx 6pcs/m2
3) 19-28 floor :approx 9pcs/m2
4) >28 floor: approx 11pcs/m2
5) Door , window, cornice,corner should be more than the above qty.
6) Single panel should be at least 1pc.

3. Window hole and door hole
HAOSEN, we provide one-stop service,from formula,to raw material, working tools , machines. If you have this  requirement, pls feel free to let us know.

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