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cement foam insulation board,foam cement insulation board

Cement foam insulation board is made by using the cement foaming technology.
The raw material is ordinary portland cement, fly ash, vesicant,additives etc. After the series process of compounding, mixing, foaming ,cutting  etc, it will become to lightweight bubble structure, which is  is foamed  in the inner of the  concrete .

Its advantages are: low thermal conductivity, good insulation effect, no burning, waterproof, strong bond with the wall, high-strength, non-toxic radioactive substances, and environmental protection.


Green non-irritating and harmful gas emissions 

2.high temperature refractory
Refractory cement foam insulation board temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius, the combustion performance of A1 level , is a non-combustible material , superior fire safety performance.

3. high thermal insulation
Cement closed-cell foam insulation board rate is greater than 97% , a high rate of air to the obturator significantly reduce convective heat , cement foam insulation board can achieve the lowest thermal conductivity coefficient of thermal conductivity 0.045W / m * k, can meet the requirement of the  building insulation .

4.low water absorption
Cement foam insulation board , low water absorption , to ensure that the product will not mildew in a damp environment , will not affect the insulation performance , ensure product safety, durability .

5. lightweight, high strength
Density  180KG/m3, compressive strength of 0.2MPa or more, to satisfy the transportation and engineering process of the strength requirements.

6. long-life anti-aging
cement foam insulation board is more than 50 years of life , the age is equal with the building age.The building doesn’t need the second time for the insulation.

7. the fire integrity good
Cement foam insulation board is through improved technology , the fire resistance of more than three hours , and always maintain the integrity of a good fire , will not chalking.

8.freeze-thaw resistance

9.sound -absorbing.
The structure contains a large number of independent bubbles, sound-absorbing capability is 5-7 times than the ordinary concrete .

10. low cost
Haosen , we supply full foam cement insulation board machine and turn-key project!If any interest, pls feel free  to write email to us!
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