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Climber Trellis Mesh, also called 3d welded fence wall, makes both the wall and plant become one. Climber Trellis Mesh (CTM) is a 3 dimensional galvanized welded wire trellis system, industrially powder coated black, that creates both a vertical and espaliated green wall.

The CTM allows the transformation of a blank concrete or masonary wall, fence, or your own border or facade into a soft textured vine and flower covered, seasonally varying surface, known as a green wall.

Climber Trellis Mesh comes in standard dimensions of 2233mm x 1220mm panels size, consisting of a 50mm x 50mm apertured grid with a 50mm depth between front and rear mesh sections. Specific sizes of both aperture,depth and perimetered panel sizes may be manufactured pending on volume.

The CTM is designed to be both free-standing and wall or fence mounted.


Now we developed a new machine for  3D welded fence wall. We put welded cloth on the side and welded together, so that the mortar can be easily put. This new type 3D welded mesh can be as a very good building wall.


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